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50 States Casino

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Software Pragmatic Play
Deposit Methods American Express, MasterCard, Neteller, eWallet Xpress, Visa
Withdrawal Methods MasterCard
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Affiliate Program
Casino Type Download
Manual Flushing No
Currencies US dollars
Languages English
Licences Costa Rica
Company Eisberg Network Solutions Casinos
Established 2009
Live Chat Yes
Contact Support Email: [email protected] UK Telephone: +44(0)800-170-0438 USA Tool Free Telephone: +1-888-515-5290 Fax USA Telephone: +1 646-616-6751 Fax UK Telephone: +44 (0)800-170-0438
50 States Casino

Why Isn? Gambling legal in all States?
Gambling was once considered an immoral and sinful activity, it was often done in secret. However, these days gambling and Casinos are much more common and acceptable especially in places like Europe where it is the norm. So why isn? U.S states. While technically, there is no federal law in the United States that prohibits gambling as such.

Individual U. S states are given the freedom to regulate and enforce gambling laws as they see fit. Thus, in most U. S states gambling is legal. However, there are a few of exceptions where gambling or casinos are still outlawed.

U.S States where Gambling is Illegal /Without Casinos!


The first is Tennessee as probably the most conservative state in the Union. The state has battled repeated attempts to pass legislation which allow casinos there. However, State Lottery is still legal and some sports betting.


Utah is also a very conservative state, mostly due to the large Mormon population there. Thus they have a lot of influence and power when it comes to state legislation.


Hawaii has no legalized gambling of any kind. That means no lotteries, horse races, sports betting, or even bingo!


Vermont is one of the smallest states in the U. S and best-known for their maple syrup. However, what isn? Many states surrounding Vermont offer casino gambling, so I believe that is the reason Vermont feels no need to legalize, regulate, and open casinos in the state itself.


With a large Native American Population, you would think Alaska would be a prime state for casinos! However, the Indian reservations in Alaska don? Indian Native Lands. This is to do with the tribes authority to levy taxes aswell as a couple of other things.

Thus there are no casinos in Alaska. However, there are Class 2 gaming venues, which were authorized by the Federal National Gaming Commission (NIGC) as per the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1986. This include 6 bingo halls, listed below.

6 Bingo Halls in Alaska:

  • Native Village Barrow Pull Tabs
  • Tlingit and Haida Community Bingo
  • Sun?
  • Metlakatla Indian Community Bingo
  • Agate Pull
  • Sitka Tribal Bingo

What was the First U. S Casino?

Brown? Saloon or Browns Hole Saloon was the first casino opened between 1822 -18 It was located close to the border between Colorado and Wyoming. Named after the town Brown? Hole, t he saloon had a lot of clientile at the time who traded in furs, which was a trending industry at the time.

Which States is Online Gambling Illegal?

Online gambling is legal in most states, apart from Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Montana, Wisconsin and Louisiana, where online gambling is outlawed. Apart from these states most other states are legal but the gambling website must have license to operate in the particular state or area, so keep an eye out for that.

Sports Betting ?

    Until a Supreme Court decision recently (May 14, 2018), Nevada was the only state where you could legally bet on sports. A law called the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was the law preventing states from legalizing, regulating, and offering sports betting.

However, since the recent Supreme Court decision, many states have started to operate sports betting. States such as Mississippi, New Jersey, Delaware and West Virginia, were waiting for the Supreme Court decision prepared with the ability to roll out sports betting legally.

A lot of other states are looking into sports betting, but it will take them some time to get the state regulation passed.

Poker ?

    Some Debate whether poker should be catergorised the same as other gambling activities due to the amount of skill required to be successful. At the moment Online Poker is regulated in four states: New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

The laws surroundings online poker in the U. S.A is complicated, so it doesn?

However, there is scrutiny surrounding certain online websites after some of the biggest poker websites such as Poker Stars and Full tilt poker had assets seized by certain states and accused of Money Laundering and even BANK FRAUD!

This happened during the infamous Black Friday of Poker! These days these websites don? U.S citizens, however there are still other websites out there, just be aware.

Some people use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to set there IP address in a different state. We are not advocating doing this, but just informing you as a reader, so you can make your own decisions. If you want to save any issues, playing poker out in the real world is great also. You can do this at any state with a poker room and poker license.

Horse racing ?

Horse Racing is extremely popular all over the world, from Europe to Australia. In the United States horse racing betting is LEGAL in most states. So you can bet on various races across the U.

There are two conditions you must adhere to though, first the state where you place the horse racing bet has to have it legalised. Secondly, the receiving state of your bet also must have horse betting legalised.

In general, horse betting is quite easy to do in most U. S states its crazy to think that you could bet ,000 dollars on horse races but on a game of poker could be more difficult! For horses racing online, there are many websites such as BetAmerica, and TVG, plus lots of others.

Lotto ?

Probably the least tame of any ? Gambling? U.S states. The good old Lotto, from grand parents to young ones most don?

Despite this 47 jurisdictions in the United States have state endorsed lotteries. A great thing about this is that in a lot of cases you don?

There were even talks of many people ? Gaming? However, still be aware that you will have to pay state tax on winnings but who cares if your a Millionaire!

For example, a retired Michigan couple won Million dollars by gaming the state lottery! Watch the 60 minutes video below for more on this.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Bingo ?

A few years ago, online bingo was prohibited in the U. S and people had to play on off shore websites. However, these days its common place and acceptable to play online and even in certain dedicated casinos or bingo halls.

In places like the U. K, Bingo is very popular especially amongst the older generation with large dedicated bingo halls and online brokers. The U. S seems to following suit also, with it?

Why are there so many Native American Casinos?

A third of all U. S Casinos are Native American Owned.

As you know from history in School, the Native Americans were the ? United States and us lot took over the land from them. However, because of this the indigenous tribes have been given a certain amount of legal authority to govern themselves. Tribal Sovereignty?

These Native American tribes are considered ? United States federal government. A law which takes advantage of this special relationship is the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 which clarifies the legal relationship between the U. S federal government and these tribal governments.

Specifically to the operation of gambling businesses. This Native American Gaming law limits the ability of state governments to regulate gambling businesses such as casinos on tribal lands.

So that? Native American Casinos, they effectively have a legal gap in the Market.

Approximately 1/3 of all U. S Casinos are Native American owned, that? Native tribes. In addition, the Native American tribes aren?

Top Gambling States in America ?

    Below we have compiled together a list of every U. S state, some interesting gambling facts and the ordered them by number of CASINOS in each state.

The gambling venue number includes all Casinos, Bingo halls, Horse racing, poker rooms and any other type of gambling venue. Some states have a massive amount of bingo halls and card playing rooms but only few Casinos, such as Texas with 189 gambling venues but just two land based casinos.

As you can see the top of our list is Nevada, home of sin city?

Watch this video on YouTube.


Approx casino gaming revenue: 43 billion

Number of Casinos & Gambling Venues: 391

Of course the top of our list in Nevada, home of Las Vegas the appropriately named ? Sin City? Casinos than any other U. S state. According to Statistica, there were 412 million visitors to Las Vegas in 20 Also Nevada is the home of Reno another popular gambling destination.

Some of the most highly regarded and Popular Casinos here include:

    Caesars Palace- Las Vegas, NV. Peppermill ? Reno, NV. The Cromwell Hotel ? Las Vegas, NV. Red Rock ? Las Vegas, NV.


Number of Casinos: 134

Number of Gambling Venues: 182

3. California

Number of Gambling venues: 210

Number of Casinos: 76

Morongo Casino Resort & Spa

Rising out of the desert on I-10 just twenty miles west of Palm Springs, the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa shines bright each day and night.

Although the casino floor is open twenty four hours each day, guests can still take advantage of other great hotel amenities.

Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa

Just Off the I-10 ten miles east of Palm Springs, California. Caliente Casino Resort Spa offers restrained, snug accommodations combined with a fast, fun-loving atmosphere. As its name suggests, this property is home to a formidable casino furnished table games and slots.

However, some guests warn against excessive time on the casinos floor here if your sensitive to cigarette smoke. Meanwhile, recent guests describe the rooms as spacious and trendy great for a retreat from the casino floor.

Pechanga Resort and Casino

Located in Temecula, California just sixty miles north of port of entry, the Pechanga Resort & Casino attracts guests with its primary feature, the largest casino floor in California totalling 188,000 sq ft!

The casino features over 4,000 slot machines, 154 table games, a non-smoking poker room with 38 tables, and even an ultra-modern, 700-seat bingo facility.

The resort additionally houses great non-gambling activities like the gorgeous spa, which that offers everything from facials to full-body massages?

South Dakota

Number of Gambling venues: 46

Number of Casinos: 41

5. Minnesota

Number of Gambling venues: 44

Number of Casinos: 38

6. Oklahoma

Number of Gambling Venues: 144

Number of Casinos: 37

Oklahoma, is home to the Largest Casino in the United States, Winstar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, Oklahoma. Opened in 2004, this Casino has over 500,000 square feet of gambling floors!


Number of Gambling venues: 114

Number of Casinos: 34

8. Colorado

Number of Gambling venues: 61

Number of Casinos: 33

9. Mississippi

Number of Gambling venues: 37

Number of Casinos: 30

Gross casino gaming revenue: 1 billion

Mississippi is home to many dockside and land-based casinos, most of which are located in the city of Biloxi, which is close to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.


Number of Gambling venues: 85

Number of Casinos: 27

1 Wisconsin

Number of Gambling venues: 29

Number of Casinos: 26

1 Arizona

Number of Gambling venues: 90

Number of Casinos: 26

13. New Mexico

Number of Gambling venues: 29

Number of Casinos: 23

1 Louisiana

Number of Gambling venues: 228

Number of Casinos: 22

Approx casino gaming revenue: 3 billion

Louisiana was the fourth state to allow casino gambling and has definitely took the ball and ran with it! With around 15 riverboat casinos, four Indian Reservation casinos and three land-based casinos.

Not to mention the countless number of race track and smaller gambling establishments. Louisiana has a clean, friendly and state of the art higher-end casino industry. With many casino hotels, resorts in every major city including New Orleans, Shreveport, Baton Rouge, and Lake Charles.

Where horse racing is concerned:

    According to the American Gaming Association, 18% of the gross gaming revenue from racetrack casinos in the state is paid to horsemen in the races.

Best Louisiana Casinos Include:


One of only three land-based casinos in Louisiana, the Harrah? New Orleans has the largest gaming floor in the state with 115,000 square feet of playing space. Offering five unique gaming areas, four restaurants and a hotel resort its a great spot.


    Harrah? New Orleans 8 Canal Street New Orleans, LA 70130 504-533-6000 harrahsneworleans.

Boomtown Casino & Hotel Bossier City

Just across the river from Shreveport in northern Louisiana, Boomtown resort and casino is intimate, with only a 28,000 square feet gaming floor and less than 200 guest rooms. However, we love the intimacy and friendliness here, the service is excellent, knowledgeable and great to meet. The Buffet is great, however due to the size the table games can be limited.

L?Auberge du Lac

Similar to a Las Vegas full service resort! L?Auberge du Lac is equip with a luxury spa, golf, five dining options, shopping and a lazy river pool area. With friendly staff and the Casino area being on a river boat, it?

The riverboat casino area includes a vast array of table games such as baccarat, craps and blackjack, with 1600 slot machines you won? The rooms here are comfortable with great service.


    Located in St. Charles, an easy driving distance from Houston. L?Auberge du Lac 777 Avenue L? Auberge Lake Charles, LA 70601 337-395-7777 ldlcasino.

15. New Jersey

Number of Gambling venues: 19

Number of Casinos: 9 (Atlantic City)

Gross casino gaming revenue: billion

The home state of Atlantic City, one of the most popular and world renowned gambling cities in U. S.A. Although this many not have as many Casinos as certain other states, they certainly have some of the best, biggest and most famous? Las Vegas.

As the second city ever to Legalize casinos, in the U. S.A, New Jersey passed the laws in 1976 and opened it? Casino in 1978.

But for what seems crazy for a state with Atlantic city, it took New Jersey until 2013 to legalize online Casinos. Since then the online Casino industry has been booming with revenues of 6 million in 20 New Jersey is also expecting to start taking online sports bets, very soon?

Borgata ?

Borgata, has only been around for around 16 years now, so its a relative newbie compared to most other Casinos. However, the mighty Casino is a true gem of Atlantic City. From it? However, the real highlight is the rooms, luxury, space and comfort throughout they are truly the best in Atlantic city? Marble cladded!


Number of Gambling Venues: 23

Number of casinos: 18

Gross casino gaming revenue: 7 billion

The state of Iowa features riverboat Casinos, traditional land-based casinos, and racetrack casinos with slots and table games.

A great one here is, Hard Rock- Sioux City

1 New York

Gross casino gaming revenue: 1 billion

Number of Gambling Venues: 211

Number of Casinos: 16

The state collected 8 million in gaming tax revenue in 2013, which went to education, according to the American Gaming Association.

Best New York Casinos:

  • Turning Stone Resort & Casino

Turning Stone Resort & Casino in Oneida County was named New York state? Casino Player magazine.

Seneca Allegany:

    Seneca Allegany is another great one in New York. Operated by the Seneca Nation of Indians, which also has casinos in Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Del Lago is one of the four new non-Indian full-service casinos which opened in the past two years to compete in areas not covered by state compact with Native American nations.

A 117-room hotel offers guests a fantastic Saratoga Springs experience. From an indoor resort pool with spa whirlpool and outdoor terrace. Other Amenities include: Morton? The Steakhouse, lobby bar, caf? This design is Inspired by the mighty hotels which once lined Broadway. The Casino section has over 1,700 thrilling slots and electronic table games.


Number of Gambling Venues: 20

Number of Casinos: 13

Gross casino gaming revenue: 1 billion

Indiana? All riverboats and traditional casinos have a admissions tax per person, which contributes to the 6.


Number of Gambling Venues: 16

Number of Casinos: 13

Gross casino gaming revenue: 7 billion

Similar to Illinois, Missouri only has riverboat casino s, according to the American Gaming Association.


Number of Gambling venues: 24

Number of Casinos: 12

Gross casino gaming revenue: .

The gaming industry in Pennsylvania is relatively new, with laws legalizing the casinos passing in 2004, and the first casino opening in 200 The states?

Pennsylvania has passed legislation allowing online casinos, but there are no companies in business yet. The legislation is still recent.

2 Illinois

Number of Gambling venues: 44

Number of Casinos: 10

Gross casino gaming revenue: 1 billion

Like Missouri, Illinois casinos only include riverboats. The riverboat Casinos have been operating in the state since 1991, even though they were first legalized in 1990.

2 Oregon

Number of Gambling venues: 40

Number of Casinos: 10

23. North Dakota

Number of Gambling venues: 44

Number of Casinos: 9

2 Idaho

Number of Gambling venues: 17

Number of Casinos: 9

25. Kansas

Number of Gambling venues: 16

Number of Casinos: 9

26. Kentucky

Number of Gambling venues: 38

Number of Casinos: 9

Kentucky has 9 casinos, there you will find more than 2,612 slots and gaming machines.

2 New Hampshire

New Hampshire has 8 casinos, with around 61 different table games.

Number of Gambling venues: 20

Number of Casinos: 8

28. Florida

Number of Gambling venues: 194

Number of Casinos: 7

The Sunshine State has grown as a viable alternative to Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Visitors who come to Florida in search of theme parks, golf and retirement are finding something much more exciting in its casinos. Florida isn?

Daytona Beach Racing and Card Club, Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is an iconic place anyway thanks to it? NASCAR heritage. So It? Daytona Beach Racing & Card Club.

The 53,000 square foot entertainment complex features a full gambling floor. Where gamblers can bet on greyhound and horse racing via simulcast wagering and watch all of the action on wall-to-wall flat screen TVs.

Seminole Hard Rock Casino, Tampa

The iconic Hard Rock Caf? London, back in 197 Then this chain expanded to Vegas, with the million Hard Rock Hotel giving visitors access to its lavish collections of memorabilia and branded gaming.

Now you can enjoy the same pleasure in Tampa, as the Seminole tribe casino has partnered with the Hard Rock brand. Expect luxurious hotel rooms and suites, with stunning themed on-site bars and restaurants. Of course there is a fantastic gaming floor, offering 46 tables in the action, and a variety of slot and video machines.

Seminole Casino, Brighton

The Seminole Casino at Brighton is one of the biggest and most fantastic entertainment complexes built on Native American land. Opened back in 1980 by the Seminole tribe, this ideally located for visitors from Tampa or Orlando. Amongst the bright lights and cool clientele, here you?


Number of Gambling venues: 12

Number of Casinos: 5

3 Ohio

Number of Gambling venues: 34

Number of Casinos: 4

3 Wyoming

Number of Gambling venues: 15

Number of Casinos: 4

3 South Carolina

South Carolina has 4 casinos, there you will find more than 775 slots and gaming machines. In addition, to 58 different table games.

Photo by charlottestories.

36. Delaware

Number of Casinos: 3

Delaware has 3 casinos, there you will find more than 7,300 slots and gaming machines.

Delaware was the first state to legalize online casinos in 201 However, they didn?

However, the Lone Star State only has a two land-based casinos, despite the fact that the population sits at around 26 million people.

Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino

Kickappo Lucky Eagle Casino has 3300+ slots, Poker halls and even bingo. Other features here include, a hotel, restaurant, bars and a comfy lounge. However, as only one of tow land based casinos, expect it to be busy. Most texans tend to find there gambling fun by online casinos due to the distance, this venue is for most.

Kickapoo Lucky Eagle, Casino. A great casino but a little out the way for most texans. Photo by tripadvisor.

Naskila Entertainment

Naskila Entertainment is a Native American Casino in Livingston, Texas, just a short drive from Houston. It is open 24 hours daily and offers .

With over 340,000 square feet of gaming and entertainment. It was opened in 1986, and has over 2200 rooms for guests.

Rhode Island

Number of Casinos: 2

Rhode Island has 2 casinos there you will find over 5,100 slots and gaming machines.


Home of ? Racions? Half Racetrack, Half Casino!

Photo by: casinos. Full news story here.

Pari-Mutuel Casinos in Arkansas:

    Arkansas and some other states like Delaware, only allow casinos in pari-mutuel venues. Often these venues are race tracks dedicated to horse or dog betting. Thus the term ? Racinos ? Racing tracks and Casinos. Despite the funny title these are very similar to Casinos in Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

Similar to Texas, they have realised that lots of money is escaping across the border and the state is struggling to convince religious conservatives to legalize and regulate casino gambling.

They do have one riverboat Casino at the moment and two more proposed, if they can get past regulators!


  • Riverboat on the Potomac OTB

Colonial Beach, Virginia

Proposed Casinos:

  • Pamunkey Resort and Casino

Norfolk, Virginia

Bristol Resort and Casino

Bristol, Virginia

4 Maine

Number of Gambling venues: 18

Number of Casinos: 1 (Oxford Casino)

4 Georgia

Number of Casinos: 1

Georgia has 1 casino there, you will have a chance to play on more than 225 slots and gaming machines. In addition, there are 17 table games in the Casino.

Georgia casinos are located in places which have a golden history and stunning landscapes. Georgias Casino are an interesting one, as it is made up of two Cruise Ships! With one Cruise ship docked in Savannah and the other in Brunswick.

These Casino cruises sail around three miles out into international waters, where Casino gambling is legal! These casinos cruises are available in the day and even evening cruises.

Cruise, Georgia. Photo by: pbase.

The Millionaire? Casino Boat is located in Savannah. Located in Brunswick is the other casino ship, the Emerald Princess Casino. The Emerald Princess offers both evening and day time cruises also. While in Georgia, make sure you check the great entertainment and dining which Brunswick and Savannah has to offer.

On Board emerald princess casino Cruise, Georgia. Photo by: pbase.

If you fancy doing a Casino Road trip, check out our EPIC Food Hall Road Trip!